Exploring Reading Question Types
Do you remember what it's like to start a new job? There
are so many things to learn, and even familiar tasks seem
to take longer to complete in your new environment. Then
a month or so into the job, you find that you fly through
those tasks in no time.

Why is this so? Why is the drive home from a new
destination often so much faster than the ride there? Why
does it take so long to prepare a recipe the first time, but
five tries later the chicken seems to cook itself?

The answer, perhaps, is familiarity. Activities of all types
go more smoothly when we are accustomed to them. The
same can be said of reading tests.

The PRAXIS I Reading test is made up of twelve
questions types; three of those types are listed on the
navigation bar to the left.  Please take the time to explore

Understanding what kinds of questions you will be asked
during the test may save you valuable time.
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