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Read the Directions!
We find directions on all kinds of things: soup cans, clothing tags,
cleaning products. They're not there just to take up space! They're
there because the manufacturers want us to get the most we can
out of their products.

It's the same with standardized tests. Test-makers write directions
so test-takers have a better chance of success on the test. Let's
take a look at the directions to the PRAXIS I Reading Test
line-by-line. Click on an green star below or the bubbles to the left
 for explanations.

  Each statement or passage in this test is followed by a
question or questions based on its content.

  After reading a statement or passage, choose the best
answer to each question from among the five choices

  Answer all questions following a statement or passage
on the basis of what is
stated or implied; you are not
expected to have any previous knowledge of the topics
treated in the statements and passages.

   Be sure to mark all your answers on your answer sheet
and completely fill in the lettered space with a heavy, dark
mark so that you cannot see the letter.

Remember, try to answer every question.

Look - they said it again! It must be important.

All of the answers
can be found in the
passage or

Try not to let
previous knowledge
of a subject lead
you to an incorrect
answer choice!

There may be more
than one correct
answer choice;
choose the clearest,
most complete one.

Answer all of the
questions, even if
you have to guess.
Hermann was beginning
to wish he'd read the
directions first.