Mind Map 1
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It is better to plan an
essay before starting to
It saves
Keeps you on
You're sure to
include details.
You might forget
what you want to
If you don't
answer the
question you
get a zero.
You don't
Once you start to
write you don't have
to stop and wonder
what's next.
Your essay
will be better
You can
make sure
you answer
the question
A mind map is a simple tool for planning - among other things - an essay. The first step to making a mind map is
often called 'brainstorming', which means letting yourself write think of ideas you could use in an essay without being
concerned about how you will use these points.
To begin brainstorming, write your essay topic in the middle of the page. Then, write all your ideas about the essay
topic around the topic.
A brainstorming mindmap can look like this one. The topic sentence, "it is better to plan an essay before starting to
write" is in the middle of the mindmap, and ideas about the topic are written around it. Click
here to see the next step
in mindmapping.
You'll get a
better score.
You might get
The essay
counts about 1/2
of the writing
Speed is
You get nervous.
I once started an
essay in favor of
an issue, but all
my details were
against it!