Free Praxis Prep:
Especially For Non-native English Speakers
Welcome to Free Praxis Prep, an online site for study and
discussion. This site is still in the in the production
process, but is public because no one knows better what
should be included here than those who plan to take
PRAXIS I and those who work towards helping others
prepare for the tests.
Your input is invaluable. Please email me with comments
and suggestions by clicking on the picture below, or by
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What is PRAXIS I:
information from the
Educational Testing
System (ETS), the test
What are the passing
ETS publishes
information for each
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This site is a service of the University of Southern Maine's Multicultural Education Programs,
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If your native language
is not English, you
qualify for 50% time on
the PRAXIS exams.
here to learn more
from ETS, the makers
of this test.
Extra time is available
for both paper and
pencil and
computer-based testing!