Determiners are words like the, a, my, these, some, either,
every, enough, several, other, more, too much/many and
few. Many noun phrases begin with a determiner.

the stars         these towns               every garden
an idea           some coffee              enough trouble
my cat            either scheme             several men

Determiners may be followed by adjectives,

the bright stars    these small towns    
every formal garden    a crazy idea    
some hot coffee    my fat cat          
enough grammatical trouble                   
either silly scheme    several happy men        

and some may be followed by other determiners

the other stars    some more coffee    a few men

There are two main groups of determiners; the links below
will take you to discussions of these two groups.
Group A Determiners
Group B Determiners

To understand the rules for using determiners it is important
to learn the difference between countable and uncountable
nouns. All nouns, except for proper nouns and pronouns,
can be placed in one of these two categories, and some
nouns can be used either way.
Link to
Countable Nouns.
Link to
Uncountable Nouns.       
A woman is
painting a rangoli.
Some Determiners:
articles - a/an, the
possessives - my,
hers, their's, one's
demonstratives - this,
that, these, those
The colorful
sand-painting is a
beautiful work of
art .
Every singular
countable noun
requires a determiner.
This woman's aunt
painted a blue and
orange rangoli.
Would you like to test your knowledge
of determiners?
Practice Quiz from ESL Blues
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